Intercity Transit field

Intercity trains, including metros, light rails and trams, have become necessities for citizens to travel, which is the backbone of urban public transportation. Huatie has become the supplier for some core railway equipment, such as brake system, fire alarm system and emergency battery system.

Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Alarm Controller

  • Smoke/Heat Detector

Emergency Battery System
  • Cadmium Nickel Alkaline Battery

  • Special Battery for Rail Transit LP-B Series

  • Special Battery for Rail Transit LP-A Series

  • Special Battery for Rail Transit MB Series

  • Special Battery for Rail Transit MA Series

Transport Door and Platform Screen Door
  • Platform Screen Door

  • Automatic Safety Door

  • Door System

  • Movable Steps and Ramps

  • Connection Door

Friction and Integrated Product
  • Organic/Sintered Brake Pad and Brake Shoe

  • Pantograph

  • Third Rail

  • Third Rail Collector Shoe

  • Ground Contact System

  • Carbon Steel Plate, Carbon Contact Strip

  • Contactor

Power and Comfort Product
  • Auxiliary Power System

  • Auxiliary Driving and Event Recorder

  • CCTV Surveillance

  • Heating, Ventilation and HAVC System

  • Air Loop Duct

  • Exhaust Unit

  • Heater

  • Relay

  • Printed Circuit

  • Disconnecting and Earthing Switch

  • Energy Meter (for Energy Saving Proposals)

Heavy-duty Track Maintenance Machineries

Transit Maintenance Machine
  • Transit Grinder(Positive operation type)

  • Transit Grinder(Switches or urban rail transit operation type)

  • Dipped Rail Weld Correction Machine

MFV/Multiple Utility Machine
  • UTV/Specialty Utility Vehicles

  • MFV/Multiple Inspection Vehicles

  • Track Geometry Inspection Vehicles

  • Inspection Vehicles

Sleeper and Peripheral Original Maintenance Equipment
  • Track Renewal System

  • NTC/New Track Construction

  • TRT/Track Renewal Train

  • Tie Exchangers

  • Multi-Function Spike Puller(DRONE)