Freight Transport

Freight transport is one of the important parts of railway transportation system. By continuously improving the supply of core railway freight equipment, our equipment has reached or exceeded the speed and loading requirement of China. Huatie will contribute to the domestic economy in the future with our strength.

Bogie Brake Device
  • Drive Shaft

  • Brake Beam

  • Lever

The US Standard /The UK Standard Air Slide Valve
  • Angle Cock

  • Brake Cylinder

  • Dust Arrester/Cut-out Cock

  • Air Tank

  • Empty and Load Valve

  • End Hose

  • Hand Brake

  • Slack Adjuster

Buffer Device
  • Constant Contact Side Bearings

  • Brake Beam Guide

  • Center Plates

  • Coupler Carrier Wearing Plate

  • Nut

  • Bolster and Bogie side Frame

  • Adapter and Shear Pad

  • Diagonal Brace

  • Spring

  • Axle

Vehicle End Device
  • Reducer and Self-lubricating Shocker Buffer

  • Bogie Unit Brake

  • Axle Brake Disc

  • Disc Brake Unit

  • Wheel Mounted Disc

  • Brake Shoe

  • Bottom Dump Gate