Intelligent fire alarm system protects you during the whole trip

  • Fire alarm controller

  • Aspirating Smock Detection

  • Pyrotechnic Alarm System Test Bench

Very Early Fire Alarm System

There is a fire alarm host in the power distribution cabinet of each carriage. Sample air will be taken by the DN25 aluminum tube installed in the carriage and analyzed by the host to determine whether the fire alarm should be started.


Metro Fire Alarm Host System

There are two fire alarm host controllers installed in the locomotive and the tail-end separately in case of emergency. The two fire alarm host controllers are connected to the detector through the shared alarm buses when communicate.

If one of the two hosts fails, the other will be put into operation automatically. The host connects with the TCMS in MVB/ method.


Chinese Standard EMU Fire Alarm System

The Chinese standard EMU fire alarm system is an independent working system measured in carriage. There are fire alarm controller and fire detector in each carriage.

Fire Alarm Controller: monitors the system operating condition and receives information from the fire alarm detector. Then sends the result to TCMS through MVB and set hard-wire output fire alarm state at the same time.

Fire Detector: the multisensory detector ORION+CN is used to detect smoke and temperature as well as send the information to the fire alarm control panel through signal circuit.


Smoke/Heat Detector

Smoke/heat detector is an independent measurement and processing system made up by smoke detector, temperature detector and microprocessor. After using multiple bases and mathematical model to process the data change of smoke and temperature under a certain condition, the detector will transmit the result and intermediate data to other control units of the system.


Fire Alarm Controller

Fire alarm controller is the control unit of smoke alarm system, which is mainly responsible for reading the settings or status of detector and uploads information to TCMS through the main MVB.

The system has functions of event recording and event storage, which can read the event records of the system in the past few days.

The fire alarm controller has a hardwired interface for outputting fire condition.



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