A modern environment-friendly concept designed for the passengers and the whole society

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Sanitation System

The sanitation system is an efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly product with water supplying function and sewage collecting function. The system design advanced pump water supplying technology and vacuum sewage collecting technology with the latest environmental-friendly concepts to create a green, safe, comfortable and convenient environment to passengers. The system is widely used in high-speed railway, nautical field, aviation field, and large but crowded places. With 15 years of experience, we are able to customize the most suitable and most reliable proposal as well as after-sale technical support in water supplying and sewage collecting.


System Feature

  • Intelligent: Fault judgment automatically, elimination automatically, maintaining easily.

  • Effective: Pressure washing technology, vacuum suction technology.

  • Green: Zero train sewage discharge.

  • Winter-proof: Winter-proof design, apply to -40°C~+40°C.

  • Fire-Proof: DIN5510 fire-protection standard, apply to special industries.

  • Shock-proof: IEC61373 shock and vibration standard, the whole train is designed in the same duration.


Water Supply System

The water supply system is a water supply device that provides a stable water source which is widely used in high-speed trains, ships and aircraft to provide stable pressure water for sewage collection devices, washrooms, electric water heaters and sinks. The system has met the requirements of TB/T1720 "water supply devices of railway passenger car" as it has a strong environment adaptability, strong shock and vibration resistance as well as low failure rate. According to practice, the system is quite reliable.


Sanitation Installment

Using a vacuum toilet and small amount of water to collect and discharge sewage from basin and bathroom, the sanitary system is an emission-reducing product. With intelligent interactive, our product can customize the best proposal according to customers’ requirements flexibly, which is also widely used in high-speed railway, marine, aviation and large but crowded buildings.


Providing movable lavatory for the local community and public area

  • Movable Lavatory

  • Movable Lavatory

  • Movable Lavatory



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